About EquipStream

EquipStream is the dedicated equipment and parts website for Jhump & Associates, LLC.

About Jhump & Associates, LLC - Rig Floor to Boardroom Experience

The genesis of our work ethic and business approach is firmly embedded in the oilfield. Although a number of us have worked our way from the rig floor to the boardroom, we have never forgotten our roots. We are drilling people that understand the business and culture. Frankly, it is our competitive advantage.

Problem Solving Experience

The EquipStream team delivers high value assistance to both buyers and sellers as a result of their knowledge. Helping find alternative solutions, capabilities and valuations.

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Liquidation & Acquisition Source

EquipStream is recognized as a leader in liquidation and acquisition sourcing. Their proven results and trusting relationships receive 5 star reviews from buyers and sellers.

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Right Team & Resources

Equiptream, Jhump & Associates has deep experience from the rig floor to the boardroom, exceptional drilling & oilfield resources, and proven liquidation expertise to handle any challenge.

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